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KNOCKOUT has since 1987 provided comprehensive general public health and structural pest control service for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, public and private, in Pakistan. We employ personnel with high technical qualifications and experience in the field of pest control services.

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Are you in search of expert saviours to save you from the tiny creatures roaming your space as if they own it? We’ve got you covered! We at KNOCKOUT, provide pest control services for residential, commercial & industrial sectors across Pakistan.

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Our Best Services

Our vision is to ensure expertise and customer satisfaction. We revive this responsibility, guaranteeing that each task is executed with the greatestamount of accuracy. We comprehend that bug the board isn’t just about disposing of pests; it is about conveying results that line up with yourexpectations. With KNOCKOUT, you can believe that we will convey the best expectations of service, custom-made to your requirements.

Termite Control Services

Pre-Construction and Post-Construction Treatment.

Pest Control Services

Crawling & Flying Insect Pest Treatment.

General Pest Control Services

Crawling & Flying Insect Pest Treatment.


Additional Services

Water tank cleaning & chemical treatment.

Why Choose Us

Services Scope

At KNOCKOUT, we go beyond mere discussions of pest problems. We are driven by our commitment to providing effective pest solutions including termite control and general pest control.

With our experienced staff and technicians, we strive to give our clients the best experience. We provide safe solutions considering your family, pets, and the environment by using eco-friendly products.

We understand that every pest needs different kinds of treatment so, we tackle them in different ways tailored to suit them.

Chat Support
Chat Support
Why Choose Us

No Premise Is Safe From Pests

No place, regardless of how clean, how new, or how new-constructed, is protected from the attack of these pests. They are smart at tracking down ways of getting into your premises. They conceal in your stuff, fly in when you open the entryway, squeeze through cracks, move up a drainpipe, or stroll in when you do. They keep coming in, it’s a consistent fight to keep them out.

Say goodbye to pests with our expert pest control services – Your Shield Against Unwanted Guests!

No Grocery Store Spray Or Insect Bomb Can Do A Professional Job

Roaches have adapted to their environment for more than 200 million years. Their invasion will not come to a halt by the spray from your nearby store. It’s not about the quality. It’s about the professional concentration. You might get precisely the right chemical for the pest you have, or apply it in the right amount at the right place. Otherwise, your weak grocery store remedy is just a nuisance to them. You might slow down their invasion strategies or kill a few, but you cannot end them without professional help. That’s what we’re here for!

"Swift Solutions, Lasting Results – Choose Us for Effective Pest Control."

"Defend your home, conquer the pests – Our Pest Control, Your Peace."

We'll Keep Your Premise Safe From Unhealthy Pests

We are here to cater to the diverse needs of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. At Knockout, our team of Entomologists and experienced sales consultants is committed to delivering effective solutions for crawling and flying insects, rodents, and stray animals. Additionally, we specialize in fumigation processes designed to combat termites, and weeds, and ensure the protection of horticultural plants.

What sets Knockout apart is our unwavering commitment to convenience and guaranteed results. We prioritize your schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine by accommodating our services to fit seamlessly into your timetable.

"Breathe Easy, Pest-Free Living Starts Here – Unmatched Pest Control Services for Your Comfort."

Our approach involves not only treating the interior but also creating a
protective barrier around the exterior of your premises to effectively seal out pests. Furthermore, our commitment to your satisfaction is backed by the strongest guarantee in the region – if a treated pest returns, we will re-treat at no extra cost.

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If you have any work for us or any queries related to our services, feel free to send us a message. We are here to assist you.

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